Scott Disick Got ‘Insanely Jealous’ When Sofia Richie Said Hi To Former Flame Lewis Hamilton!

Sofia Richie Is Apparently Paying Scott Disick’s Bills!

Though they were “never a couple,” the socialite and the British racing driver “liked spending time together.” An E! News source explains:

“[They] were never exclusive. Lewis thought she was a cool girl… Lewis and Sofia are still good friends. They are all adults.”

Unfortunately, Lord Disick wasn’t too happy about the exchange, and totally “lost it”! A second insider revealed:

“Scott got frustrated that they ran into Lewis over the weekend, and that it was unexpected… He doesn’t like surprises and reacts aggressively in situations like that. This isn’t the first time that Scott has lost it for a minute.”

Fortunately, Nicole Richie‘s sister “knows how to handle him” and was able to “calm him down.” Luckily, the new couple are doing well, and know how to quickly squash their beefs.

“Everything is fine between the two now… They will get in small fights and are over it within a few minutes. Sofia is definitely a good match for him because she understands him and puts up with his behavior in moments like this.”

According to a different source, the KUWTK star has jealousy issues, and “has trouble controlling his emotions.” No really??

“Scott gets insanely jealous of all kinds of things and has trouble controlling his emotions… He overreacted and got upset over Sofia saying hello to Lewis. He had no problem letting Sofia know he didn’t like it. She handled it very maturely and tried to respect his feelings. She knows how to deal with Scott and diffused the situation.”

In response to the drama, Hamilton’s lawyer told Page Six:

“Although Mr. Hamilton was in Aspen for the holiday, there was no jealousy, no fight, and no issue; rather, as Ms. Richie has herself confirmed, there was a perfectly friendly, polite exchange and any claim to the contrary is simply false.”

Oh, Scotty…

[Image via Scott Disick/Instagram/JRP/WENN.]

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