TGI Friday’s Is Testing Boozy Deliveries And Apps Never Sounded Better

Have you ever been in the middle of enjoying a family BBQ or girls night in when you become  to discover you just run out of alcohol? I think it is safe to say this has happened to all of us, but TGI Friday’s is trying to make this issue a thing of the past. The restaurant chain is now offering alcohol and appetizer deliveries. The next question on your mind is probably how to get alcohol delivered from TGI Friday’s, and I have the answers.

For starters, let’s get the bad news out of the way. TGI Friday’s boozy delivery is currently being tested in Texas, and the delivery service will begin this upcoming holiday season. Those outside of Texas will have to wait until early 2018 to enjoy Friday’s spiked delivery service, according to Delish. Now, let’s get to the good stuff and talk about the alcohol offerings. Friday’s is teaming up with a Texas-based alcohol delivery service named Lash to get customers their favorite adult beverage alongside their choice of Friday’s appetizers (if you’re 21 years old, of course).

Boozy choices include bottles of wine, beers, and hard liquor. Delish reports the ordering system is online, and that while ordering your food, you will be asked if you want to “turn your order up a notch” after you add the food you want to your cart.


Once assigned, your delivery driver will actually make two stops: one to pick up the food at Friday’s, and one to pick up your preferred drink at the liquor store. Customers will also be able to order what Friday’s is calling an “everything but booze kit” which is basically the mixers to go along with your alcohol. With this kit, you can mix your favorite cocktail in the comfort of your own home… in your sweatpants.

Friday’s is even considering adding videos tutorials to their app that customers can follow along with to learn how to make certain drinks. According to Business Insider, TGI Fridays is testing booze delivery in order to stand out from the crowd of sit-down restaurants and drive up sales. See how the app works below.

TGI Friday’s delivery marks the first time a company offers delivery for both prepared meals alcohol. I’m sure the test will prove to be a very successful one, and I can’t wait until 2018 when TGI Friday’s boozy delivery will go national. The restaurant is even looking to hire bartenders that will go to your house and mix your cocktails right in front of you.

Until that amazing moment arrives, we will have to resort to using other booze delivery services. Earlier this summer, Amazon Prime began offering boozy deliveries to customers who live in 12 select cities. The lucky cities include Chicago, Columbus, San Diego, and New York City. For an extra eight dollars, you can get your choice of wine in an hour — otherwise, you will have to wait two hours to get your order.

You can also get a bottle of your favorite vino delivered straight to your door using DoorDash. The feature rolled out in August with wine offerings in cities like San Diego, Vancouver, Miami, and New York. DoorDash is playing no games when it comes to being 21 to order. They make their customers upload a photo of their ID along with entering their date of birth before delivery.

OK, these boozy delivery services are speaking to my soul. I’m gonna download all of them right now!

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