Stupid Costco Thieves Think They’ve Gotten Away With It, Until They Open The Door 0

There are few things sweeter than watching justice be served.

Now, let’s just take a moment to appreciate just how fantastic Costco is. Who doesn’t love the free samples and industrial-sized crates of, well, everything?

So when two dumb thieves got caught trying to rob the place, I was totally cheering extra hard for the cops as the crooks got taken down and put in cuffs.

Two thieves attempted to escape through of a fire door with boxes of what appeared to be expensive electronics, but the police were already on to them. Instead of having to kick open the fire door, they simply waited outside for the stunned robbers to appear

Check out the amazing video footage of the takedown here:

As they swung the door open, multiple police officers were ready to make arrests.

One of the thieves even tried to turn back into the store, but it was too late.

It also appears that there was a look-out or getaway driver waiting in the parking lot who the police had already caught. Officers blocked in the driver’s car and one cop can be heard telling another to be sure the driver doesn’t touch her phone to alert the others.

When the thieves exit the store, the alarm on the fire door sounds and within seconds all three crooks are apprehended and arrested by the police.

These officers certainly know what they are doing. Kudos!

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