Nick Viall Is Returning To ABC, Because We Can’t Have Nice Things

Nick Viall will be returning to your television screen, but this time he won’t be trying to get rejected find love. reported on Monday that Nick will appear in season two of ABC’s . ABC, of course, being the only network in the history of networks that has ever thought putting Nick Viall consistently on television was a good idea.

But don’t worry! Nick is actually branching out a lot with his new role, where he will be playing a “hunky B-movie actor who takes his craft too seriously.” See. That’s sooooo different from Nick’s real life as a hunky C-list TV personality who thinks reality dating is a really good way to meet someone. They’re like, not even in the same ballpark. Nick will be acting alongside legit celebrities like Micah Fowler and Academy Award nominee Minnie Driver, which is probably the closest Nick has been to legit performers since

According to , Nick’s episode will shoot next week and air at the end of November, so he’ll still have time to make a surprise cameo on if the Bachelor audience isn’t too sick of him by now that’s something he wants to do.

So there you have it, folks. We finally have proof. Nick Viall only ever went on to become famous. At least he’s like, really good at pretending to cry. 


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