Minnie Driver Calls Matt Damons Comments On Sexual Misconduct Utterly Tone Deaf

Preach, Minnie, preach.

Actor Matt Damon shook the internet last week when he suggested that sexual assault and sexual harassment are different, and don’t carry the same weight. 

“I do believe that there’s a spectrum of behavior,” Damon said in an interview with ABC News. “And we’re going to have to figure out — you know, there’s a difference between, you know, patting someone on the butt and rape or child molestation, right? Both of those behaviors need to be confronted and eradicated without question, but they shouldn’t be conflated, right?”

Minnie Driver, who once dated Damon and co-starred with him in “Good Will Hunting,” had quite the initial response to his remarks on Friday. 

And on Sunday, the “Speechless” actress elaborated on her thoughts to The Guardian, calling Damon’s comments — and similar ones by other men — “utterly tone deaf” and “systemically part of the problem.”

“I’ve realized that most men, good men, the men that I love, there is a cutoff,” Driver said. “They simply cannot understand what abuse is like on a daily level. I honestly think that until we get on the same page, you can’t tell a woman about their abuse. A man cannot do that. No one can. It is so individual and so personal, it’s galling when a powerful man steps up and starts dictating the terms, whether he intends it or not.”

She continued: “If good men like Matt Damon are thinking like that, then we’re in a lot of fucking trouble. We need good intelligent men to say this is all bad across the board, condemn it all and start again. … I felt that what Matt Damon was saying was an Orwellian idea, we are all equal except that some us are more equal than others.”

Yet, the 47-year-old actress put it eloquently when she said:

How about: It’s all fucking wrong and it’s all bad, and until you start seeing it under one umbrella, it’s not your job to compartmentalize or judge what is worse and what is not. Let women do the speaking up right now. The time right now is for men just to listen and not have an opinion about it for once.

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