Footage Shows Woman Abandoning Four Dogs In Parking Lot, Until She Is Confronted 0

When you make the decision to invite a pet into your home, it is a big commitment. It’s certainly not something you should take lightly.

Dogs, for instance, are no less deserving of a loving, caring home than humans are, however, it appears that this is an alien concept to some owners out there.

While it’s fair to say that most owners shower their pups with love and affection, others will eventually grow bored with their pooch and abandon them.

Last week (April 13) in San Antonio, Texas, a woman was captured on camera by a local resident abandoning four dogs in a parking lot. And the outraged local had no qualms about confronting the woman about the selfish act.

In the video, the local makes it known that she has evidence of her deliberately abandoning the pooches, and suggests that she take them to Animal Care Services which she insists is free.

Take a look at the damning footage below:

Simply forcing dogs in your care to fend themselves by abandoning without seeking alternative care is illegal and the penalty for committing this wrongdoing is $500.

The resident talked about the incident in an interview with ViralHog:

“I was getting ready for work when I spotted a car at a dead end road removing collars from within the car. I put my shoes on quickly and ran out to the road and started recording the act.

I’m tired of people doing this continuously in the area. I recorded to [educate] and advise them to do the right thing.

“The woman in the video responded back for directions to the Animal Care services, and yet decided to commit the illegal activity as directed by the driver who then backed out with the back seat passenger flipping me off.”

The resident can be heard in the video talking about the anger she feels toward irresponsible and callous dog owners who dump their dogs without any regard for their welfare.

“I’m tired of people dropping off abandoned dogs. I fostered for Animal Care Services and I’m the one that has to take time away from my children to help people who don’t want to be responsible for their pets.”

Let this story serve as a reminder to all pet owners out there that abandoning your pets is not only selfish and morally reprehensible but could potentially be illegal, depending on where you live.

The bottom line is that if you’ve made the decision to care for a pet and you no longer want that pet, make sure it gets the loving home it deserves.

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