Charlottesville Protests: Car Plows Into Crowd Of Anti-Racist Protestors See The Disturbing Video

UPDATE, 5:04 p.m. ET:

A state government spokesperson says the driver of the car is in custody.

Meanwhile, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer says there is one casualty from the attack. Health officials have also confirmed one death, with at least 20 more injuries as of right now.

This is absolutely horrifying, and we must say: please be aware that the video contained within this post is graphic, disturbing, violent content.

The situation in Charlottesville, Virginia is rapidly deteriorating, and earlier this afternoon a car plowed into a group of reportedly anti-racist protesters in what looks like an intentional act of terrorism.

Here’s the video, as posted on Twitter by someone on scene (below):

‘Stay home’ is right.

Absolutely horrific and tragic.

Also, Donald Trump has finally spoken out about the protests — thanks for finally checking in (way late) from vacation, Donald (below):

Yeah, Trump doesn’t give a shit. Fuck him.

Our prayers are with those struck by the car.

[Image via Twitter.]

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