Attention Meat-Eaters: Dont Call Yourself A F*cking Environmentalist

Sebastin LP

Dear people who consume the dead flesh of a once thinking, feeling being: are you aware that you are supporting the biggest and most terrible industry in America?

Forget riding your bicycle to work, or turning off the water while brushing your carcass-chompers the animal agriculture industry is a fucking mammoth of mass proportions dead set on doing us all in.

What I mean by that is industrial agriculture, i.e. the rearing and slaughtering of billions of animals annually, devastates our environment and our oceans, consumes our resources, drives species extinction, and, get this: produces more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry.

This means all of the cars, boats, planes, trains, alien spaceships or whatever, you name it, are less threatening to our planet than the meat industry.

This enormous, barbaric industry absolutely dwarfs the transportation sector when it comes to pollution and emissions.

Ah yes, the title explained; it came as a shock to me, too.

Documentary film maker, activist, and environmentalist Kip Andersen is the brains behind the popular Netflix documentary , which was released in 2014, followed by another ground breaking film called released just this year.

Andersen takes to the front lines, exposing multinational genocide corporations like Tyson and Cargill, and uncovers why all of the major environmentalist organizations refuse to address this problem.


Because they are being funded by these fucking companies.

Yeah meatpacking corporations are horrendous, greedy, subhuman operations, but whos really to blame?

Ever heard the term Vote with your dollar? Well, these companies wouldnt be single-handedly destroying the earth if we, as consumers, werent demanding that they do so.

Well its eight a.m., better get my pig flesh fix… Im sorry, what?

Traditions are bullshit as far as Im concerned. Look at where we are as a society: do you think the business as usual model is going to serve into our childrens lives, and their childrens children? Abso-fucking-lutely not.

By the way, that pig youre eating is more cognitively and emotionally evolved than ol Bowser over there licking his balls.

So when Im driving down the highway, and I see those awful transport trucks with the air holes allowing those little pink snouts their final breaths of outdoor air, I want to flip off the driver, swerve in front of the truck, and take the whole thing to the ground in hopes that some wee souls might escape.

Instead, I silently wipe the tears from my cheeks and write this, in hopes that someday it will all be over, by choice, and not because weve run out of land and resources to feed the livestock.

In all seriousness, we cant go on pleading ignorance like this.

Everyone and their mother knows whats really going on, but humans are so reluctant to change their behavioral patterns for fear of disrupting their routine indulgences and gratifications. We are hurdling down a path past the point of no return, and whether we like it or not, things are going to change.

Now we can be open-minded, conscious, compassionate beings, and make positive changes ourselves. Or, we can continue down this perceived path of least resistance, and see where it takes us.

Theres some pretty sizable evidence suggesting what might be waiting for us at the end of the road, but one thing for sure, and thats this: ya cant be an animal lover if you eat animals. The same way you cant advocate environmentalism if you support industrial agriculture.

Thank you.

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