Son Surprises His Mother With Her Dream Car, And It’s Not Exactly The Car You’d Imagine. 0

Ever since he was a kid growing up in Ontario, Canada, Corey Wadden’s mother had been raving about this car that she’d always wanted. So last year, he asked her to point out the exact car, in passing.

What she pointed to wasn’t exactly what Corey was expecting, you’d think she’d always dreamt of owning a nice Mercedes or a Mustang…but no, what she pointed to was a copper-colored 1973 Saab 99 EMS.

After a year of tracking down the car, Corey was able to surprise his mother in the best way.

(Source: Corey Wadden)

With all the bad news around the world these days, it can be so liberating to see something positive and uplifting every once in a while. Watching the unbridled joy of someone getting something that they always wanted just feels wonderful.

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