Man Rescued Injured Bird, And Now He Probably Wishes He Hadnt 0

It’s hard to look away when you see an injured animal, no matter how unprepared you are to help them. When Matt Gravelling, a reporter for BBC South, was driving to cover a story, the man thought he was having a regular day. However, it soon became anything but regular when Matt spotted an unconscious bird that seemed to be hurt.

Without any second thoughts, the Good Samaritan gently laid the bird on the seat of his car and took off. In just 15 minutes, Matt’s new passenger began to regain consciousness, catching the driver completely off guard. Scroll down to check out their unforgettable trip and let us know what would you have done in this situation!

A kind-hearted journalist Matt Graveling rescued an unconscious bird he saw on the side of the road

But almost immediately he was faced with some unanticipated difficulties

Twitter users pointed out the breed of the bird and were astonished by the incident

Some said it’s understandable why the bird was so terribly angry with the whole ordeal

People rushed to praise Matt for his act of kindness

Others shared similar encounters with birds who just need to chill out

Hopefully, this situation will teach us something

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