Not Everyone Can Park Perfectly, But These People Can’t Park At All…Wow 0

Unsurprisingly, these same human beings tend to be just as bad at parking. Finding a parking spot is difficult enough without these people wreaking their special brand of havoc on the world. And while most of us just ignore an annoying park job, some decide to write not-so-nice notes to let horrible parkers know just how much they disrupt society.

To honor the worst parkers in America and the revenge-seeking note writers that hate them, here are 29 horrid park jobs and confrontational notes that will make you exercise extreme caution the next time you’re pulling into a spot.

1. I certainly hope he wasn’t taking his permit test.

2. This office building has found a new way to celebrate disobedient parkers.

3. You know it’s real when someone has time to type out a note and include a diagram.

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4. I can’t even begin to list all the things wrong with this park job.

5. This driver forgot to read between the lines.

6. I don’t think that’s how handicap spaces are supposed to work.

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7. See Spot Park

8. You tried.

9. Who would even think of doing this?

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10. This brings a whole new meaning to the game four square.

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11. When all else fails, aim for below the belt.

12. The objective of parking isn’t to emulate a can of sardines.

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13. Congratulations, you suck!

14. Finding a spot in the snow can be difficult, but no worries, this tyke found a space (or two) for his bike.

15. People are idiots.

16. This guy’s been watching way too much “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

17. Bad parking: not just for cars anymore.

18. You know what they say about guys who drive big trucks…they can’t park to save their lives.

19. This driver never learned how to follow simple directions.

20. So close.

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21. This is what happens when Mr. Potato Head can’t find a parking spot thanks to someone else’s horrible driving.

22. When there aren’t any spots, park in the driving lane.

23. This driver won’t take NO for an answer.

24. Parking lot Tetris

25. Monkey see, monkey do.

26. I hope he drove with those boots on, because who would boot a car parked like this?

27. Don’t make people doubt their grammar!

28. Anything you can do, I can do better.

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29. But no one takes out their parking aggressions quite like this man:

With people like these on the road, I think I’ll stick to public transit.

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