She Got Into Her Grandson’s Car, But When He Turned The Radio On, She Began To Cry 0

There’s nothing I love more than a successful birthday surprise.

Pulling off such a feat can be tricky, and my mother has ruined quite a few of them over the years by opening her mouth (but we all still love her anyway). After watching how this grandson gave his grandmother the best birthday surprise ever, I think it’s time I turned the tables on my mother by pulling off something similar. Let’s just hope I can keep a secret.

In this case, our unsuspecting birthday girl climbs into the passenger’s seat of her grandson’s car, anticipating a fun day out with one of her favorite people. He begins to fiddle with the radio when a special announcement comes over the speakers, and what happens next sends the adorable granny on an emotional rollercoaster.

This really takes the birthday cake!

Here’s hoping I can keep my big mouth shut long enough to plan my mother a birthday surprise half as amazing as this one!

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