5 uplifting news stories that prove there is still some good in this world

Despite what you read in your newsfeed, theres been a whole lot of good news out there recently. (Its true we can prove it!) Now, more than ever, people are coming together to show their support in neighborhoods big and small, all across the country.

From uplifting and inspiring stories of people who go beyond whats expected, to the touching stories of communities coming together for the common good, here are some of the stories that have warmed our hearts the most this year. (Warning: You might want to grab some tissues.)

Rapping subway conductor sparks smiles

Commuting by subway in New York can sometimes be how should we put this less than stellar. But theres an MTA train operator whos been putting a smile on grumpy commuters’ faces and infusing his announcements with a bit more flair by rapping what he has to say.

Sending kindergartens to college

Image: pixabay

In one small county in Michigan, a philanthropic organization called the Sanilac County Community Foundation wants to change the lives of kindergartners all throughout town by giving them something of crucial value: A college education. After finding out that only 60 percent of her countys youth were going to college with even fewer graduating executive director Melissa Anderson and her foundation made a vow to up those numbers through what shes calling a pinky swear for the future.

Police help 4-year-old check for monsters

After a 4-year-old little girl named Sidney moved into her new Colorado home, she called on local police officers to help her out with a very important job: inspecting the house for monsters. Shed met police officer David Bonday earlier in the month at a community fundraiser and invited him over for the job, which he was all too happy to take on.

Getting a jump on summer reading

Image: valley metro

Kids in an Arizona school got quite the special delivery recently and it was all thanks to one of their former bus drivers. Jermaine Bethea, a former school bus driver who now works for Valley Metro, the public transportation system in the area, showed up on May 16 with a busload full of donated books. As students at Curry Elementary wrapped up their last week of classes before summer, each of the 600 children at the school received a book to take home for vacation.

Chicago mom starts after school program

Chicagos Jennifer Maddox, a South Side resident, was working two jobs to support her kids when inspiration struck. Ten years ago, the Chicago cop took on a second job as a security guard in a low-income housing complex when she noticed a problem: The 1,200 children living in the complex didnt have anywhere to go no playground, no park, nothing. So she took it upon herself to start an after school program for them.

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