10-Year-Old Comes Up With Seriously Amazing Solution To Child Deaths In Hot Cars 0

From 1998 to October 2016, around 700 children in the U.S. were reported to die from heatstroke in hot cars.

Over half of those deaths were caused by caretakers claiming to have forgotten they left the kids inside their vehicles. It’s absolutely heartbreaking every time one of these stories pops up in the news, but many of us don’t know what the answer is to preventing them. One extremely smart kid, however, has invented something that might just be the perfect solution.

Meet 10-year-old Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas. He created an amazing device for the sole purpose of saving other children’s lives.

After hearing that his neighbor’s six-month-old baby died in a hot car, he made it his mission to prevent it from happening to other kids.

The device he calls the “Oasis” is designed to be attached to car seats and detects when the temperature get too hot inside cars. If a child is in the vehicle, it then emits cool air and uses an antenna to alert parents and authorities.

He just has a 3-D clay model of the device right now, but he’s been raising money on GoFundMe

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