Police Arrived And Let Something Out Of The Car That Thrilled A Boy With Autism 0

When the time had come for Margaret Ng’s 4-year-old son Ethan to finally receive a service dog, she knew she wanted to make the reveal a special surprise.

Ethan, who has autism as well as attention deficit hyperactivity, has been waiting over two years to acquire a special companion to help him go about his daily life. With the help of the community, the police, and the fire department, they were able to raise the nearly $60,000 required to cover the costs of a service animal.

Ethan had no idea he was about to meet his new best friend, but once Yazzie the Golden Retriever stepped out of the police car, his face lit up.

(via Inside Edition)

These two are about to be best friends. I know it! Best of luck to both of you cuties.

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