Uber Refuses To Refund Passenger Who Got Cheated By The Driver, So He Shares His Shocking Photos Online

Uber has become a phenomenon is the last few years, revolutionizing the ways many of us travel and shaking up the entire local transport industry. However despite its conveniences there are inevitably drawbacks, as this passenger found out to their cost.

Taking an Uber ride in Las Vegas, things turned from bad to worse for the user, who later uploaded snippets of a conversation with the company on Imgur.

The incident shows that while Uber is great for quick and easy trips around town at an unbeatable price, it does seem quite easy for drivers to charge a cleaning fee on their word and a blurry photo or two. While it is of course possible that the user did indeed have some incontinence issues, the accusation and the evidence provided leave plenty of room for dispute and put the user at risk of a dishonest or just plain grumpy driver taking them quite literally to the cleaners.

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Buckle up for a memorable Uber ride in Las Vegas that turned from bad to worse in mere minutes

Naturally, after receiving a receipt like this the rider contacted customer service about the mix-up

Here’s how it all went down from the rider’s point of view

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