What These Drivers Saw On The Road Left Them All Honking Like Crazy. WTF? 1

The honking of car horns is commonly known as the signal to inform someone of their bad driving.

In most cases when someone hears honking, their ears and eyes go on full alert to find the problem…but not this guy. After colliding with a red sedan, this truck driver was completely oblivious to the collision and kept on going.

But unlike any other hit and run I’ve seen before, the truck driver continues to speed down the highway with the car still attached to the side of the trailer. To make matters worse, the car’s driver is still in the vehicle as the truck goes full throttle. After traveling sidecar for miles, other motorists are finally able to get the trucker’s attention and he eventually stops along the freeway.

How do you not notice this?!

It’s clear to tell this truck driver wasn’t using his side mirrors, because if he were, he would’ve seen what was happening. Be sure to share this if your faith in humanity is gone.

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